Web Maintenance


Web Maintenance


Having a super sexy website means from time to time you’ll need to make updates or do maintenance to ensure it’s staying in tip top condition.

Our client care is competitive and is conducted on an ongoing monthly basis. We provide all the bells and whistles to ensure your website is 100% healthy including website backup, updating website plugins, security checks and scans, plus updating content, imagery and design as needed.

At Webbed Feet we’re with you every step of the way and continue to support our clients well after their fancy new website has gone live.

I want a great website!

Tom J.

I want more leads!

Mike A.

I want my site well-maintained!

Ken F.

I want to measure traffic to my business site!

Stacy W.

But I don’t have time to learn or to manage.


All you need is a professional website services company, so you can focus on the core of your business.
Developing eye-popping websites that are mobile and tablet-friendly is our speciality. We make websites that dazzle and delight, and can create ecommerce and online stores that are packed with features and functionality so you can get heaps of love from your customers.

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