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Webbed Feet Theme Template

About This Design

This theme is a WordPress theme using Divi theme. This layout is simple and doesn’t have much custom CSS in it, and it is easy to set up for a special restautant website and most any business with customizing.

The layout has 6 sections: main header, general Information, menu, reservation, reviews and contact details. 

Who is this theme for?

It is special for a local business that desperately needs simple, informative websites, such like Restaurants. When it comes to the average restaurant, website visitors usually want just a few pieces of information: location, hours, and menu. If ordering or reservations are offered, then the phone number is too. This layout provide those things in an attractive format, very user friendly. The is a one page layout design.


    Divi Theme


    Website Redesign


    Easy Set Up

    Installed on how many Sites?

    Highlights of this Webbed Feet resume theme

    Built with WordPress

    Mobile Friendly

    Contact Form

    One Page Design

    Built In Social Icons

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